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A few more things about me:

What is your location & timezone?

I'm currently in the Singapore/China timezone, which is +8GMT. However, the timezone usually does not affect my working hours due to the limited number of work I accept. If the client is in a time zone with a considerable time difference, but I have an existing client, I would usually decline the job due to health reasons. I believe good sleep leads to great work.

What is your current focus?

I've been designing for more than five years, and I recently started mentoring other designers who are beginning to dip their toes into product design. My focus for the next five years is to create a personal brand and educate other designers to the best of my ability. Career-wise, I'm more interested in remote work and want to continue expanding my experience in emerging tech that has a broader impact on creating more goods.

What do I do outside of work?

I have two beautiful dogs I've adopted. I spend a lot of my time walking them, caring for them like my own child. I also organise a small designer meetup group with Figma every two months. Apart from design, I also started planting hydroponic plants and have continuously improved the hydroponic set-up.

What's my fear?

Flying cockroach.

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