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A few things clients
normally ask me:

What is your work discipline?

Depending on the project. But for any typical project, I would usually start off the project by running through some question with the client to understand the business and motivation of the business. This allows me to emphasise and be heavily involved in the product or services the company is offering.

What is your location & timezone?

I'm currently in the Singapore/China timezone, which is +8GMT. However, timezone usually does not affect my working hours due to the limited number of work I accept. If the client is on timezone with a considerable time difference, but I have an existing client, I would usually decline the job due to health reason. I believe good sleep leads to great work.

How often can we communicate?

Once a week. During our meeting, I will update you what has accomplished and what is the next step. In this call, both of us will get an overview of the work and plan for the next milestone. In some instance, I would also jump on a call with the developers or engineering team as a standby product manager and delegate work accordingly throughout the week through an agile methodology.

What is your  hourly rate?

I usually charge clients on a project basis depending on their project scope. However, my current hourly rate is $95/hour. However, in some case, if some projects are both exciting and have massive growth potential but could not offer financial compensation, I'm open for taking a percentage of the company share or sales as compensation to launch the project.

Let me know if you want to talk about a potential collaboration or speaking opportunities. I’m available
for freelance work.

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